ted Technology

X Gen’s ted technology is based on a novel enzyme complex to enable direct NGS library preparation in one-step style within 2 hours. The ted-RNA™ (tag-enabled direct RNA-seq) generates mRNA and nc-RNA library directly from total RNA without ribosomal RNA depletion because rRNA is converted to sequenceable library at substantially low efficiency.

ted-DNA™ is a novel WGA to obtain 3D structure of chromosomes from single cell.

ted-RNA™ Reproducibility and Sensitivity

ted-RNA™ can generate RNA-seq library from 50 pg – 100 ng total RNA.

ted-RNA™ for ERCC

ted-RNA™ can detect both long and short transcripts in ERCC with 6-log dynamic range.


ted-CapALL™ can capture DNA, RNA, nc-RNA directly from cell lysate, serum, culture medium, or exosomes.


ted-RNA™ can obtain full length 3′ to 5′ cDNA.

ted-RNA™ 3' WTA

ted-RNA™ can generate a library of 3′ end of transcripts in one step and no rRNA removal required.

ted-RNA™ 5' WTA

ted-RNA™ can generate a library of 5′ end of and full length transcripts.


ted-scDNA™ enables library preparation from single cell that provides 10 kb resolution across the genome with SNV coverage for ~ 85% of the genome or even 3D structure of chromosomes down to single base resolution.