Kai Q. Lao, President and CEO

Kai is the co-founder of XGEN. He has a stellar history of inventing breakthrough genomic technologies while at Applied Biosystems, Life Technologies and Thermo Fisher Scientific. He has over 60 publications and has filed 71 patent applications with 18 granted patents. Key inventions such as ‘Wildfire’ clonal amplification catalyzed the adoption of high-throughput genomic sequencing. Kai also pioneered the development of transcriptome analysis at a single-cell level. Kai got his Ph.D. from the Univ of Chicago, post-doctorates from Stanford University and from UC Berkeley.

Sunney Xie, Scientific Consultant

Sunney, co-founder of XGEN, is a renowned pioneer in single-molecule biophysical chemistry and single cell genomics with more than 226 publications. Many of his students have started successful companies. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Sunney was the Mallinckrodt Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. He is the Lee Shau-kee Professor and Director of the Biomedical Pioneering Innovation Center (BIOPIC) and Director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics (ICG) at Peking University. Sunney has a BSc in chemistry from Peking University and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from UC San Diego.

Yalei Wu, Molecular Biology

Yalei was responsible for technology evaluation, scientific collaborations, product development in real-time PCR, digital PCR, and NGS at Life Technologies and Thermo Fisher Scientific,. Yalei has multiple publications and 5+ patent applications and patents. He received his B.S. in Biology from Peking University, Ph.D. from Univ of Alabama at Birmingham and has a post-doctorate from UCSF.

Frank Zheng, Chemistry

Frank is an expert in supramolecular chemistry and the synthesis of large molecules. He had developed fluorescent nucleotide analogs for Single-Molecule DNA sequencing at Pacific Biosciences. At Thermofisher he developed polymers for capillary electrophoresis for Sanger Sequencing. Frank received his BSc in polymer chemistry, a PhD in chemistry from USTC and a post-doctorate from UT Southwestern.

Raymond Lee, Product

Raymond has worked on drug discovery in biopharmaceutical industries for 7 years. He transitioned to the development of next generation sequencing products at Life Technologies playing a key role in the development of isothermal amplification. Raymond has a BS from UC Berkeley.