ted-Meta™ Library Prep Kit


In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, global scientific community focus on eradicate the virus, develop a vaccine, and therapeutics to suppress symptoms, etc. The genetic information of the SARS-CoV-2 virus carry some of the most critical clues to the success in this fight across the planet. ted-Meta™ Library Prep Kit enable clinical researchers to prepare NGS library from patient’s sample in as few as 2 hours. 

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For Illumina sequencing systems

Cat. No. Format Storage Kit stability
TR-1016-08 8 reactions per kit -20°C 1 year from the date of manufacture
TR-1016-96 96 reactions per kit -20°C 1 year from the date of manufacture

ted-Meta™ Library Prep Kit consists of two tubes of reagents. Its simple design and workflow is ideal for library prep of clinical samples*.

*All product sold by X Gen US CO is for research use only.



Input sample 1,000 - 10,000 cells lysate
1 - 100 ng total nucleic acid
Total nucleic acid in medium or serum
Input amount up to 7 uL
Data produced Full length RNA-seq and WGA DNA-seq
Data processing Q20 filter, trim adaptors, remove <20bp reads and duplicates
seqtk trimfq -q 0.01 $Read2 ; with bioinformatic tool seqtk from https://github.com/lh3/seqtk.
Protocol time
  1. Lysate or extracted TNA to library: 40 minutes (1 tube reaction)
  2. Indexing PCR & QC → 1 hr
No bead cleanup until after indexing PCR.
Reaction volume 10 uL final volume per reaction
Kit components
  1. ted-Meta™ Enzyme Mix: A proprietary composition of novel enzymes that convert RNA and DNA into an Illumina compatible sequencing library, in a single tube reaction
  2. ted-Meta™ Primer Mix: Primers designed to convert RNA and chromatin into an NGS library.
User provided components
  • SPRI beads system, e.g. AMPure XP or Kapa Pure Bead, etc
  • PCR reagents and indexing adapters (our PCR kit is sold separately)
Applications Total nucleic acid analysis or detection of pathogens found in specimen collected, e.g. blood, saliva or sputum, etc.

Simple Workflow

Library Structure

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Additional information

Reactions per kit

8, 96