ted-scDNA(™) Library Preparation Kit


85% human genome coverage from a single cell at 30x sequencing depth
ted-scDNA™ kit includes reagents for a novel whole genome amplification and conversion of a genome of a single to few cells into Illumina® sequencing libraries. Provides micro-CNV detection with kilobase resolution across the genome and ~ 85% coverage of the genome from 1 cell.
User needs to provide PCR and Illumina® indexing reagents.

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For Illumina sequencing systems

Cat. No. Format Storage Kit stability
TD-1001-08 8 reactions per kit -20°C 1 year from the date of manufacture
TD-1001-96 96 reactions per kit -20°C 1 year from the date of manufacture

The ted-scDNA kit generates sequencing libraries for Illumina® sequencing platforms. The novel “ted” technology minimizes number of steps to prepare a library ready for sequencing in ~4hrs.


Protocol [PDF] ted-scDNA™ Library Preparation Kit User Guide
Input sample 1-10 cell.
Input amount Sorted single cell in cell lysis buffer.
Data produced Sequencing reads for whole genome sequencing of individual single cells.
Protocol time From single cell to library ~ 4 hr
Genome coverage >85% of the genome covered at 30x sequencing depth
Reaction volume 6 uL final volume per reaction
Kit components ted-DNA WGA enzyme mix 1&2: A proprietary composition of novel enzymes that convert chromatin from single cell lysate into an Illumina® compatible whole genome sequencing library, in a single tube reaction.
User provided components
  • Single to ~10 whole cells or lysate
  • SPRI beads system, e.g. AMPure XP or Kapa Pure Bead, etc
  • PCR reagents and indexing adapters (our PCR kit is sold separately)
Applications Whole genome sequencing of single cells for aneuploidies, large structural variation at sequencing depths of < 1x to detection of micro-CNV at sequencing depths of 30x.

Performance data (click the thumbnail to enlarge image):

Sequencing coverage
Coverage comparison to existing technology
(ted-scDNA is an improved version of DIANTI)
85% coverage of a single cell
Single cell coverage

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Reactions per kit

8, 96